Dr. Metod Škarja

Straska Cesta 50

8000, Novo Mesto


Adria Mobil


Adria Mobil Proizvodnja, Trgovina In Storitve Novo Mesto d.o.o., based in Slovenia, is the third largest European caravan, motorhome and leisure vehicle manufacturing company. Adria Mobil has extensive knowledge and experience in the development, production and marketing of caravans, motorhomes and mobile homes. The company maintains a good reputation and competitive advantage by offering a full range of innovative, constantly growing services, and by adapting its products to customer needs.


Adria Mobil is participating in the “Integrated Car2X Communication Platform” pilot study, the aim of which is to provide smart vehicle improvements and offer additional services related to online vehicle monitoring, maintenance and support, optimal route planning, security and traveller safety.