Mr. Michael Kieslinger

Neubaugasse 12-14/25

1070, Vienna



Fluidtime Data Services GmbH


Fluidtime, founded in 2004 and based in Vienna, is a leading provider of software solutions for mobility information and traffic data management. Transport organisations, particularly in Austria and Germany, have successfully installed user-friendly information services for passengers and drivers alike, and these comprehensive backend systems allow for efficient mobility content and incident management. Fluidtime is active mainly in three application domains connected to personal and corporate mobility: integrated mobility, traffic data management, and operator assistance.


Fluidtime is leading the development of mobile and web applications, fostering behavioural changes towards eco-friendly transportation, and supporting smart sensing and user feedback. Fluidtime will also contribute to research activities related to proactive decision making, requirement analysis and conceptual architecture, the “(Pro-) Act” phase, pilot studies and business development activities.