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Praca da Portagem, 2800

199 Almada




Infraestruturas de Portugal SA


Infraestruturas de Portugal SA (created in result of the merger by incorporation of formerly Estradas de Portugal SA into Rede Ferroviária Nacional – Refer, E.P.E.) is a national authority with more than 80 years’ experience in providing public services in areas such as the funding, maintenance, operation and development of the Portuguese road and rail networks. While managing 14,000 km of roads and 4,000 km of railway, IP also provides consultancy services to national stakeholders and pursues technology transfer. Environmental efficiency, road and rail safety improvement, infrastructure modernisation and the global efficiency of road and rail assets are the company’s strategic principles.


IP is participating in the “Proactive Charging Schemes” pilot study, the aim of which is to calculate highway tolls and optimise road use by freight vehicles based on the real-time conditions of the transport network.