Mr. Pedro Ventura

Apartado 41

2671-951, Lisbon


Luis Simões SA


The logistics and transport company Luis Simões Logistica Integrada SA is a leader in the market of road flows between Spain and Portugal. It manages a fleet of 2,000 vehicles (owned and subcontracted) and has 1,508 employees. It provides integrated logistics services throughout the Iberian Peninsula at more than 20 logistics operations centres, covering 300,000 m2 . Launched in Loures in 1948, LS has been present on the Spanish market for over 25 years.

In 2014, LS achieved EUR 220 million in consolidated sales between Spain and Portugal. In just four years, between 2009 and 2013, the company's share capital increased 44.5 percent, from EUR 16.65 million to EUR 30 million. This very strong track record, coupled with strong values and adaptability in the crisis years, has allowed LS to further expand on the Spanish market and in European regions, in partnership with clients and other stakeholders.

Luis Simões also has a large stake in innovation, having completed several optimisation projects and having made continual improvements to open up the best urban, regional and international road route alternatives.


As a freight company with accumulated experience and on-board computer systems, LS is the source of real-time information. The company is able to test models in real-world scenarios and will contribute to the pilot study on proactive charging schemes for freight transport.