Mr. George Tsoukoso

Vrioulon 78C KAI K. Karamanli 40 78C

55132, Kalamaria Thessaloniki


TREDIT SA Transport Consultants


TREDIT SA (Dievropaiki Etairia Symboulon Metaforon Anaptixis Kai Pliroforikis AE), trans-European consultants for transport, development and information technology, has 20 years' experience in integrated studies for public and private organisations in Greece and the EU. The company provides complete services for all stages of transport sector projects. TREDIT has significant experience in the elaboration of strategic studies and plans, intermodal transport and logistics, planning and management in all transport sectors, business organisation and development studies, as well as systems analysis and the development of IT applications.


TREDIT is mainly involved in leading the requirements analysis. It will also contribute to the identification of data sources for different cases and is helping to shape OPTIMUM’s conceptual architecture. TREDIT will be involved in dissemination and leads the task of collaboration with other ITS projects. It will also head the Advisory Board. TREDIT will also be heavily involved in exploitation and business development activities.