Prof. Amalia Polydoropoulou

Lofos Panepistimiou

81100, Mytilini


University of the Aegean


Established in 1984, the University of the Aegean (Panepistimio Egeou) is an innovative and growing public higher education and research institute in terms of both scientific domains and network location. The Department of Shipping, Trade and Transport (STT), established on the island of Chios, takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing numerous aspects related to transportation and transport infrastructure, such as transport planning, transport policy, transportation economics, system analysis and demand modelling, behavioural models, strategy and decisions analysis.


The University of the Aegean is in charge of all activities related to predicting traveller behaviour and dynamic charging and crediting models. It will contribute substantially to the project’s technical and scientific integration, and is responsible for the design and development of the “Orient” layer of the project’s Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA) architecture.