Dr. Panagiotis Georgakis

Wulfruna Street

WV1 1LY, Wolverhampton

United Kingdom

University of Wolverhampton


The University of Wolverhampton (UoW) has a student population of 24,000, making it one of the largest in the UK. UoW participates with the Sustainable Transport Research Group (STRG) and the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group (SCRG). These units have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in fields such as intelligent transport systems, systems integration and design, multi-agent systems, artificial intelligent applications, knowledge-based engineering, and computer engineering and management.


As the project’s technical and scientific coordinator, the University of Wolverhampton is providing the conceptual backbone for the overall system, enabling common understanding and ensuring support for the requirements and specification process. The university is also participating in the development and integration of natural processing language and sentiment analysis algorithms, as well as traffic forecasting models. The university is also the technical support partner for the pilot study in Birmingham.