Proactive improvement of transport systems quality and efficiency


The OPTIMUM pilot studies will be evaluated using a two-stage approach. Forty users will be invited to participate in the first stage, which will involve participation in focus groups, extensive one-on-one interviews, prototype testing scenarios, and the keeping of a detailed trip diary.

The second stage will not require as much commitment but will involve a much broader user base. OPTIMUM expects to recruit between 300 and 500 participants, either through an online raffle for vouchers or through project partner access to established user bases. Users with different travel habits will be invited to participate. The behaviour of each group of users will be analysed based on a number of variables, such as willingness to use public transport, dependence on private vehicles, environmental awareness, privacy and security sensitivity, time constraints, affordability, and schedule flexibility. In order to quantify the impact of the pilot study, key performance indicators will be evaluated for each group of travellers. Feedback will be collected via online and in-app questionnaires, after which the data will be logged and analysed in order to predict the possible impacts of the platform’s wider adoption.