Proactive charging schemes for freight transport


The study focuses on the introduction of variable pricing for freight vehicles, with calculations based on real-time transport network conditions. Parameters used in the calculation could include the level of road service provided; road safety; driver and passenger comfort; environmental data (CO2 emissions, noise etc.); and economic factors (e.g. maintenance costs, toll revenues). This kind of model, in addition to improving the financial ratios of infrastructure management, enhances quality of life for those who use and/or live next to urban/national roads.

Logistics companies, which are among the main users of road networks, make repeated requests for toll flexibility. They are also responsible for some of the road network’s greatest environmental impacts and road maintenance costs. The fact that OPTIMUM is engaging with logistics operators offers some assurance that the resulting model will be appropriate for large-scale use and will reflect the needs expressed by the operators. Finally, real-time information and suggested alternative routes can be provided to help deal with unexpected situations.