Integrated Car2X communication platform

User services

The following user services will be developed in this pilot study:

  • Intelligent assistance for dealing with the complexities of multi-sensor environments for long-distance and cross-border trips.
  • Cognitive vehicle behaviour, including “self-aware” subsystems control, monitoring and prediction; personalised route planning; proactive re-planning based on the traveller’s intentions; leisure behaviour modes; tourist route and campsite identifications and recommendations; traffic updates; and car-to-car interaction for collective camping security.
  • Incentive mechanisms for users to provide system data from devices and sensors. Both LPP and AdriaMobil have already implemented such mechanisms. Adria Mobil has embedded mechanisms in cognitive vehicles that enable users to communicate with the vehicle by feeding data into a “commonsense” knowledge base.
  • A smartcard for cashless payments that can also be used to pay for parking or for entry to museums, cultural and sporting events etc.
  • Crowdsourcing services for collecting information on factors that can influence city infrastructure.
  • Cognitive behaviour technology will be integrated and tested in public transport vehicles, including buses, taxis, cars and bicycles. A series of deep analytics and modelling services will enable operators to draw up short-term plans and long-term strategies.

Adria Mobil will deploy its control and support centre to provide customers with additional services for online vehicle monitoring, maintenance and support. Other personalised services will focus on trip planning, security, traveller safety and route optimisation.