Advancing state-of-the-art solutions

The transport sector is undergoing considerable transformation and is entering a new landscape in which connectivity is seamless and mobility options and related business models are constantly expanding. Modern transportation systems and services need to address a range of problems arising as a result of the complexity of mobility environments and the intensive use of transport networks, among them excessive CO2 emissions, high congestion levels and reduced quality of life. As most urban networks have reached saturation point, innovative solutions must be identified and underpinned by the collection, processing and dissemination of data from various sensors, systems and service providers. Innovative transport systems must also be capable of anticipating conditions in near real time and of providing the means for proactive and preemptive decision making.

Our vision is to ensure that modern transport systems have the interoperability, adaptability and dynamicity required in order to provide proactive and problem-free mobility. OPTIMUM will establish a largely scalable distributed architecture for the management and processing of multi-source big data, enabling the continuous monitoring of transportation system needs and proposing proactive decisions and actions in a (semi-)automatic way. OPTIMUM follows a cognitive approach based on the Observe–Orient–Decide–Act loop of the big data supply chain for continuous situational awareness.

OPTIMUM's goals will be achieved by incorporating and advancing state-of-the-art solutions in transport and traffic modelling, travel behaviour analysis, sentiment analysis, big data processing, predictive analysis, real-time event-based processing, persuasive technologies and proactive recommender systems. The proposed solutions will be deployed in real-life pilot studies in order to identify challenges related to proactive improvements to the quality and efficiency of transport systems, proactive charging for freight transport, and Car2X communication integration.