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Conference on Travel Behaviour Research

July 15 to July 20 2018
Santa Barbara, USA

The 15th International Conference on Travel Behaviour Research will be from July 15th to July 20th, 2018, at the University of California Santa Barbara.

The majority of the conference activities will be on Monday (July 16)-Tuesday (July 17)-Wednesday (July 18)-Thursday (July 19) with a welcome reception on Sunday (July 15).  All conference meetings will be at the UCSB University Center and adjacent facilities. 

Three papers of OPTIMUM partners were accepted namely: ‘Using persuasive technology and reward schemes to promote sustainable travel choices’, ‘Smart Motorhome users’ behavior and experience: Evidence from track data and a questionnaire survey’, ‘Route choice decision in freight transport: What can motivate freight forwarders to choose a toll road?’.

Background on Mapping the Travel Behavior Genome: We have made great progress in developing tools to understand and map the fundamental elements of travel behavior.  Quantitative and qualitative methods that help unravel human activity-travel behavior have advanced through basic and applied research and produced new practical applications. In this conference, we will map our understanding of the fundamental aspects that make up the genome of travel behavior. This includes the motivational, cognitive, situational, and disposition factors that drive activity-travel behavior. It also includes modeling and analysis of travel demand based on theories and analytical methods from a variety of scientific fields. To facilitate paper submission and organization, we have identified five thematic tracks: a) psychometrics; b) pattern recognition; c) human interaction; d) new data collection/surveys; and e) modeling & simulation. Not only do genomic studies describe the fundamental mechanisms of evolution and adaptation, but they also provide insights about diversity among behaviors. Through an exciting program that fosters discovery and knowledge exchange, we aim to catalogue the state of the art in mapping the travel behavior genome.

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