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Transport Research Arena

April 18, 2016

On April 20, the OPTIMUM project will be presented at the sixth Transport Research Arena (TRA), Moving Forward: Innovative Solutions for Tomorrow’s Mobility, which will be held in Warsaw, Poland.

The TRA will focus on research and implementation challenges, taking into account the needs of modern European society and the benefits of creating partnerships to promote innovation in transport.

Efficient transport contributes to economic growth and provides social benefits. It is therefore important to consider transport from an economic perspective, in terms of environmental and societal challenges, and also with respect to the global competitiveness of Europe.

As the resources and funds available for research are limited, it is essential to define the most significant areas of transport-related research at the global, European and national levels. The development of common schemes and standards for the interoperability of transport systems is a huge challenge for policy makers as well as researchers. Mechanisms should therefore be created to encourage cooperation and competitiveness between transport systems in Europe and throughout the world, as well as to address evolving needs in the education system to better tackle future industrial and societal needs.

It is also crucial to define how to carry out transport-related research in order to meet the challenges outlined above and to ensure the mobility of both people and goods. There is a need to assess the allocation of resources to the transport system to contribute towards increased efficiency and seamless multimodality.

The 2016 TRA will provide an opportunity for researchers, industry representatives and policy makers to identify the innovative solutions that can be the drivers of a better future transport system for Europe.

Further information can be found on the conference website.