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Friends of OPTIMUM

January 8, 2016

From its very beginning OPTIMUM project put a special emphasis on cooperation with professional networks that could act as multipliers, helping us to fully exploit the potential that lies in our foreseen research results. Liaison with already existing clusters of networks on the field of ITS began at the early stage of the project.

Collaboration with the TIMON project

Project TIMON was invited to the second day of OPTIMUM’s Plenary meeting in Birmingham (21st of January 2016). The meeting started with the presentation of the technical coordinator of the project, Darjan Tomažin, which gave to all project partners the opportunity to discuss upon common points among the two projects and possible future collaborations, mainly in the framework of the Slovenian pilot, LPP.

Mr. Darjan Tomažin mentioned that possible collaborations between the projects include mechanisms and approaches related to routing related predictions, data mining algorithms, user behavior modeling, and piloting in Ljubljana. He explained that the 42 month TIMON project would lead to the development of a web based platform and a mobile application that would be available both in iOS and in Android.

ITS Cluster

ITS Cluster is a cooperation of European funded ITS research projects including projects: BONVOYAGE, CIMEC, CODECS, DORA, ETC, EU Travel, HIGHTS, ITS OBSERVATORY, MASAI, OPTIMUM, ROADART, SocialCar, and TIMON. Means of cooperation include inter alia common branding, regular consultations, teleconferences, workshops, joint exhibition at important events, and creating a working group on coordinating pilots. ITS Cluster was intended to be showcased in events such as TRA2016 (in Warsaw, Poland), and ITS European Congress (in Glasgow, UK).

OPTIMUM made its first contact with CREATE  and SocialCar  projects as well discussing different scenarios of future cooperation. 

Photo: Mr. Darjan Tomažin presenting TIMON project during OPTIMUM Plenary in Birmingham