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OPTIMUM on the stage

April 30, 2016

In the framework of the I-ESA conference (The International Conference on Interoperability for Enterprise Systems and Applications), the OPTIMUM project successfully organised a workshop on ITS - Big Data and Open Data in Transport.

The goal of the workshop was to provide a forum for experts in the field to identify and discuss relevant data-driven topics in the domain of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The OPTIMUM team was inviting experts to indicate their interest in participating by submitting an abstract for a paper on a related topic. Two papers were submitted namely “Proactive Charging Schemes for Freight Transport: Dynamic Toll Discounts as a Tool to Reduce the National Roads Traffic” and “Proactive recommendations for Intelligent Mobility - An approach based on real-time big data processing”. Papers are available online (from the August 16 2016) on

The workshop addressed key ITS actions such as real-time traffic and travel information, cooperative systems, vehicle-to-X communications and e-Freight, with the aim of identifying commitments that would ensure the implementation of seamless and interoperable telematics services and applications in the EU. Participants explored new user preferences and attitudes with respect to data ownership and sharing; analysing the research and innovation capacities of European transport industries; examining new research opportunities and limitations offered by the use and exploitation of big data; looking at how new tools and business models may improve interoperability and accessibility, inclusive mobility and equity across different geographical areas; and assessing future skills requirements in transport.  A panel discussion was also organised on H2020 opportunities for big data and open data in transport.

I-ESA brought together the world's leading researchers and practitioners in the area of enterprise interoperability: it was a unique forum for the exchange of visions, ideas, research results and industrial experiences, dealing with a wealth of interoperability research subjects for business, enterprise applications and software.