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Proactive Charging Schemes for Freight Transport: Dynamic Toll Discounts as a Tool to Reduce National Road Traffic

December 1, 2016

by TIS, University of the Aegean, Infraestruturas de Portugal, Luis Simões Logística Integrada

Urban and national road networks are frequently highly congested in many European countries, resulting in increased travel times and delays. At the same time, some highway networks, particularly in Portugal, are of good quality, although the infrastructure is underused due to toll charges. The implementation of dynamic charging on highway networks can contribute towards the optimisation of network performance. Logistics operators are among the main users of national road networks, thus understanding their behaviour is vital for the development of any dynamic charging toll model. One of the OPTIMUM pilot projects therefore involves the development of a forecasting and dynamic toll charging model with the key objective of transferring heavy traffic from urban and national roads onto highways.