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OPTIMUM launches multimodal questionnaire

May 19, 2017

With the aim of overall understanding the concept of multimodal travel and creating a model for travellers’ behaviour OPTIMUM launches a questionnaire which is now available online.

The transportation sector is undergoing considerable transformation with seamless connectivity and ever-increasing mobility options. Modern transportation systems are keen to mitigate problems emerging from complex mobility environments and the intensive use of transport networks, such as excessive CO2 emissions, high congestion levels and diminished quality of life.

Due to the saturation and complexity of transport networks, innovative solutions to these problems need to be underpinned by collected, processed and broadcasted data from various sensors, systems, crowdsourcing and service providers. Furthermore, digital-age transport systems should anticipate situations in near real time and provide the means for proactive decisions, which, in turn, will prevent problems before they emerge.

OPTIMUM multimodal questionnaire gathers valuable information on travel preferences, the daily patterns and the perception of specific modes not to mention the combination of modes among EU residents. Based on the respondent data an advanced behavioural econometric model will be developed. The model will provide useful insight into the behaviour of specific user groups, the perception of multimodal options among users and countries, and the differences in value of time and mode preferences across countries and user groups.

Please, join OPTIMUM’s research efforts and complete the questionnaire: http://alturl.com/rpfuo.