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2017 - ICE Conference

June 27, 2017

Standardisation and regulation activities are important key factors for the uptake of continuous and interoperable ITS. In order to achieve a quick deployment of the ITS in Europe, private and public stakeholders need to arrive at joint commitments on deployment of harmonised, interoperable ITS services which in the future will seamlessly cover the whole of Europe for the benefit of all users.

From short-term traffic forecasting to travel behavioural research and the use of social media for efficient transport operations, the so‐called trend of big data has created a wide spectrum of challenges and opportunities in the field of transport research. The collection and possible exploitation of "big data" pose a number of questions both in methodological terms as well as in legal, institutional and social ones, which need to be addressed. This workshop aims to address the implications of the utilisation of big data and open data in the transport field.

This workshop is organised as a venue of experts, supported by the OPTIMUM project. It aims at identifying and debate relevant data-driven topics within Intelligent Transport Systems. Exploring new user preferences and attitudes with respect to data ownership and sharing, analysing the research and innovation capacities of the European transport industries, examining new research opportunities and limitations offered by the use and exploitation of big data, looking at how new tools and business models may improve interoperability and accessibility, inclusive mobility and equity across different geographical areas and assessing future skills requirements in transport.

The workshop will address some of the key actions in ITS, such as realtime traffic and travel information, cooperative systems, vehicle-to-X communications, eFreight, and is set out to identify commitments which will ensure the implementation of seamless and interoperable telematics services and applications in EU.

This workshop will present implementations of ITS related scenarios and hands-on, being developed under the OPTIMUM project.

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